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Established in 1998, in Athens, the Kokkalis Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, which serves the vision of Sokratis Kokkalis, an internationally recognized entrepreneur in the field of information technology and telecommunications, and honors the work and contribution of his late father Petros Kokkalis, an internationally renowned surgeon and humanist, professor of medicine at the University of Athens and founder of the first neurosurgical clinic in Greece.

The Foundation serves the public interest by contributing to international cooperation, and the promotion of knowledge and education, culture and the social welfare, medicine, information technology and athletics, in Greece and abroad.

The central mission of the Kokkalis Foundation is the promotion of a peaceful, democratic and prosperous Southeastern Europe, through the support of public, cultural and scientific life in the region.

Towards the attainment of these goals, Kokkalis Foundation sponsors numerous initiatives in and relative to the region, including the organization of public fora and international conferences, the support of scientific research, educational and humanitarian programs, the development of human networks for the promotion of inter-ethnic understanding and regional cooperation, the promotion and strengthening of democratic institutions of governance, environmental protection and the innovative ecosystem.

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ENOROS Consulting Ltd was established in 2006 and has since been active in the field of Project Management in Cyprus and in the European area, providing comprehensive consulting services to the public and private sectors. ENOROS objective is to provide specialized knowledge in planning, management and evaluation of development programs and projects, both at national and European levels. It comprises of three Directorates (Public Sector works, Private sector projects and International & European projects), which are appropriately staffed by 10 committed consultants with high scientific education and training, extensive experience and knowledge in thematic fields relevant to the company’s areas of expertise. Their disciplines have a wide range from Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Engineering, Agronomy, etc.

The company also cooperates with external experts in various thematic areas (Human Resources, Rural Development, Tourism, Immigration policies etc.) and has a wide network of local partners in the field of education and culture, youth and employment, justice and public order, human resource development, citizen protection, social innovation and entrepreneurship etc. Enoros Consulting has implemented and managed various projects focusing on training and helping young people to develop various sets of skills in their efforts to enter the labour market and to enhance their employability prospects.

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High Fives

PRISM originates from the heart of the Sicilian inland, upon initiative of professionals working in the field of intercultural cooperation and dialogue, both on European and international level.

The mission of PRISM is to create opportunities for the development of the territories where it operates, in order to promote them internationally on an economical, cultural and social level.

PRISM is designed as a qualified development agent, able to intercept and implement on a local level the support and development policies promoted by supranational organisations, in particular the European Commission (i.e. through structural funds and programmes managed by different DG of the Commission), but also the Country, Regions and other international organisations.

In this framework, PRISM operates both directly and in collaboration and support of public bodies and private organisations interested in adopting such tools, thus encouraging the dissemination of good practices and the transferring of know-how.

PRISM promotes excellence as well as the professional and entrepreneurial competence present in the local area, particularly of young people, providing them with valid support for their expression on European and international level.

PRISM is dedicated to research and training in the field of cooperation and internationalisation as well as to the promotion of the opportunities that these activities provide; in particular, PRISM performs an analysis of both common challenges and strengths of Euro-Mediterranean territories, planning and promoting solutions and shared interventions.


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We specialise in the development of innovative educational materials and digital resources. These resources aim to address a wide range of target groups including marginalised adult learners, disadvantaged young people not in employment, educations or training (NEETs), older persons, individuals in vulnerable employment, migrant learners and entrepreneurs engaged in the creative sector, with a specific focus on the rural community.

Through the development of e-learning materials and digital resources, The Rural Hub aims to address the current and future training needs of rural residents. We also strive to address the skills gap in the provision of alternative educational materials, innovative approaches and best practices in training and education programmes.

Through our work, we collaborate with peers across Europe to develop, produce and test a range of online learning materials including video lectures, challenge-based learning resources such as online educational escape rooms and WebQuest challenges, interactive workbooks and other digital learning materials.

All educational materials are freely available to local providers of education and training, and in addition we offer flexible training on how to use the available digital media and creative approaches in their teaching practice.

Our suite of digital resources makes use of innovative methodologies for working with disadvantaged groups to build basic skills and competences, and to improve the integration of all groups and individuals into rural communities. Throughout the year we organise a series of events to raise awareness about emerging issues including online safety, disinformation, entrepreneurship, digital literacy and the radicalisation of young people through online environments.

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Remote Education
Consultation on Tablet

The Hellenic Agency for Local Development and Local Government (E.E.T.A.A.) S.A, since its establishment, 31 years ago, has been the institutionalized operational partner of the Hellenic Government and Local Αuthorities.

E.E.T.A.A.’s shareholders are: The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, the Central Union of Region of Greece, The Deposit and Loans Fund, Regional Unions of Municipalities and other social partners.

E.E.T.A.A.’ s mission is the reinforcement of Local Governments in order to become instruments of planning, and achieving regional and local development. In order to fulfill its mission EETAA, in cooperation with the European Committee, Greek Government and local authorities,

  • has carried out a large number of surveys and studies

  • was the operational and implementation mechanism of both the 1997 “KAPODISTRIAS” and 2010 “KALLIKRATIS” local government crucial administrative reforms.

  • in its course of action, has acquired experience and “know how” in all organizational and operational aspects of Administration and actively supports local governments in becoming an efficient and effective force of development.

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The Municipality of Burgas is responsible for realizing the local city policy in the field of regional development and investment, environment and climate adaptation, strategic development and digitalization etc. Burgas Municipality has sound experience in project planning and management and has already successfully realized a large amount of EU funded projects - more than 50 projects financed under operational programmes and various other European programmes and funding mechanisms 



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7,200 students (350 international students), 640 teachers, 6 faculties, 30 first degree courses, 20 second degree courses, 8 rights to confer PhD degrees, 5 rights to confer post-doctoral degrees, over 500 bilateral agreements in scientific and educational cooperation with foreign partners, 20 double-degree agreements.


Biggest technical university in the region

Bialystok University of Technology (BUT) was established in 1949 and has a long tradition of educating engineers and young scientists. Now we have nearly 7,2 thousand students and 640 teachers – experts in their fields. Bialystok University of Technology has 6 Faculties (Departments): Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Engineering Management.

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